Polish Lowland Sheepdog

From breeding to training...what you need to know"


Back in the 1980's when first introduced in the U.S, there were many Polish Lowland Sheepdog colors. The standard as expressed in AKC explains that there are no specific Polish Lowland Sheepdog colors...all colors are acceptable.  Yet today, the majority of PONS in the United States being shown seem to be white with grey especially on the ear tips. Therefore, this page has been set up specifially to show you some of the other Polish Lowland Sheepdog colors that are still available and quite acceptable.  
As you looked at the various pictures of Polish Lowland Sheepdog colors, you may  also have noticed some PONS had tails and others did not.  While the PONS  standard here in the U.S. calls for tails to be docked, many European countries no longer allow it. PON breeders in the U.S. recognize PONS are sometimes born with no, medium, short, and longer tails and most have chosen to make docking a part of their standard. If not to be shown, you may be able to find a breeder who will sell you a PON with a tail.

In addition PONS tht are truly chocolate will have a brown nose unlike others in the breed who should have a prominent black nose.    Their eyes may also appear a little lighter than in other colors.
Good PON breeders may well consider  PON color when determining which dogs to breed, however, it should not be the most important factor.   The overall health , conformation, and movement should be highly regarded.  In addition the breed was originally a herding breed, and good PON breeders  should also consider whether or not they are continuing to promote what the breed was meant to do...herd!