Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information

"From breeding to training...what you need to know"


There is a lot of Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information out there.  Sometimes it will require several contacts to make sure what you are bing told is reliable.  Never buy this cut pup on impulse or because a breeder tells you it's the last one and your only chance.  That is simply not true.

To find the right PON breeder do your homework.  Do NOT accept the word of one breeder.   Call various breeders and trust yourself to choose the one who you best relate to.  Getting a puppy immediately is not often best.  Take your time...learn about the breed and ask and ask questions.

There are several PLS breeders out there.  For starter there are two things I would look for in PON breeders.

1)  Someone who truly believes that socialization starts very young with

the breeder and should continue throughout the life of the dog, but the first year being the most important by far.

2)  PLS  breeders who are going to be there for you throughout the life of your PON.  At age 5 you may have a health or behavior problem.  Your first line of communication should feel right and it should be your breeder. If your gut says something is wrong, I would trust that feeling.

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So typically PON!
Getting good and reliable Polish Lowland Sheeepdog Information is not always the easiest.  There are unfortunately some  PLS breeders out there who are interested in not only just making money  but some breed for convenience and some for wanting to be a "top" breeder. Sometimes some of the breeders will give you incorrect or incomplete information just to sell you a puppy.  You do need to do your homework.

There are three things you should request as far as testing is concerned and you should be able to see the written results  if you have found one of the good, conscience PLS breeders...word of mouth is generally not good enough. The three test are
1)  OFA or Penn Hip   ---rates the hips and that 
     should be explained to you
2)  OFA Eye Certification (formally telling you
     whether or not the PLS has any signs of
     specific eye diseases
3) A PRA test which may show the dog to be clear,
    a carrier, or one who has what is called late
    onset blindness which means in his later years
    the dog may become blind...which by the way
    doesn't make life with him/her much
    more difficult...with some modification my PLS
    played frisbee for over two years when she was
    blind..was not PRA.

Hopefully this Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information will be helpful to you along with the other things you will learn about this wonderful breed!