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According to an article in the November issue of Dog Fancy , parvo is on the rise in the states of Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,Kansas, Colorado and California.  It is spread by contaminated feces or anything that comes in contact with them.  Keep your PON area clean.  Try to keep bugs and rodents away from any area where the PON will be.  Check with your vet to see if it is a problem in your area and consider a vaccination if you are in a heavily infected area or a titer to see if one is actually needed.

Handicapped Pet Help

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Health Information

PONs  or Polish Lowland Sheepdog  health information will be listed on this page.  For emergency information see Emergency suggestions on the next page. This may change as the information on PON health becomes more available.  You must always check with your own vet before following anything offered here


There is a study being done on the PONs regarding PRA (Progressive Retinol Atrophy).  The contact person is Kristi Aybar.   She can be reached at (517)432-9902 or eyeresearch@cvm.msu.edu  .  The following information comes from her.


"I just wanted to spread the word about a research project that is in effect at Michigan State University..  As we know, PRA causes blindness in many breeds including our beloved PON.  The folks at MSU are trying to put an end to this by developing a genetic test that can be used to screen dogs that thave the gene mutation that causes PRA.


They are in the very early stages of this study, which entails collecting DNA from as many PRA affected, close relatives to the affected, and older, unaffected PONs as possible.  The DNA they request can be collected from cheek swabs!  They will also gladly accept blood samples.  They have free kits prepared to send out to anyone who is interested. "


If this is something you are willing to help with, please contact Kristi Aybar at the phone or email addresses above."

Brought up with and socialized with kids , PONS are great!


Just as in humans the calibre of food you feed your pet may well determine  overall  PON health and wellness of your pet.  How to feed your pet is a very controversial issue right now and you can click on the sites below to get some information which may guide you.  The webmaster does not recommend any one method, but only wants to provide you with places to get help in determining your feeding priorities. It is recommended that you keep your protein levels realatively low, between 20% and 24% maximum. It has been shown that  failure to do so may result in itchy skin problems. The important thing to Polish Lowland Sheepdog health is to feed a quality food and not overfeed...no PON ever refuses food whether they need it or not.


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Food Review Information                       


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Diabetes and Hypothyroidism


Polish Lowland Sheepdog health overall is excellent, however, there have been some  cases of diabetes and hypothyroidism  in the Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Be sure and ask your potential PON breeder whether or not these are things that have shown up in their lines.  Both conditions are generally manageable, but you should be aware of the symptoms should your PON develop any of them, and have your vet do the appropriate testing. To learn more about the symptoms and treatments I recommend you go on line and search for diabetes in dogs   and/or  hypothyroidism in dogs.  There is no particular site I recommend.  Bottom line is, both of these are conditions which will require your vets expertise if you want to maintain your PON health.


As any good vet will tell you there are many reasons a dog may have seizures. Often times it is a toxin, or a tumor, or some other reason.  However, recently there has been some discussion about the possibility of feeding certain foods and seizures.   Below   are posted two sites where you may first, obtain some information about the possible correlation between epilepsy and diet, and secondly a site giving you a diet that has been used with a great deal of success by some people.   I am not advocating either in particular but am placing them here for you to read and judge for yourself as to whether it is something you wish to pursue.

ARTICLE.....          Idiopathic Epilepsy

Cars and Trucks

While it might seem like a nice thing to do for your dog,  do NOT allow your PON to ride in the car with the window open and his head hanging out.  Many a dog has been known to suffer a severe eye injury when something has landed in his eye.  In addition if the window is open wide enough he may see something he wants to check out and off he will go, whether the car is moving or not.  The safest place for your family member to ride is in a crate or in a dog seat belt.  A sudden stop and there is no throwing them against another seat or floor or possibly even out of the car.


A warning also about the backs of trucks.  If the PON is to ride in the back of a truck make sure he is tethered so he cannot be thrown out.  I witnessed a very sad situation a few years ago when I saw a dog thrown from the back of a moving truck.  It appeared he was fine, but a week later he died from what later became known as internal injuries he had suffered.  The whole thing was horrifying to watch. 

Flying Your Pet
Anytime you fly your pet you are taking a chance because many things can happen.  At the same time, there are times when it is absolutely necessary.   For guidelines and suggestions to think about if you must fly your pet can be found at the following address:    Flying Your Pet
Be Aware of Herbicide and Pesticide Treatments
You want to know that your Polish Lowland Sheepdog health is at its maximum.  Do not walk your PONs where there has been a recent appliciation of any herbicide or pesticide.   Dogs absorb these products through their feet.  Also beware of them drinking any water which may have been contaminated by the sprays or even be a run-off puddle from where they were used.  These chemicals can cause severe and long lasting  problems with your PON health.