Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information

"From breeding to training...what you need to know"

PON HINTS and Help

Pon hints and help can be of use to you in many ways.  Potty Training and Nap TIme are important times and things you should understand about puppies.  In addition there are recipes for when skunk and PL Sheepdog meet and  a Weed Spray that is safe to use around your house. Knowing more about a good breeder is always important to know. This is a page you might want to bookmark for future use.


It is clear from the New Puppy Care pages that puppies should go out every three hours, when awaking, after eating, after playing , etc. However,do NOT just let your Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppy out and expect it to go.  There is a whole new world out there to explore:  leaves blowing, pretty flowers, sticks, etc.  But instead place your puppy on a lead , take it out and stand in ONE PLACE where you want him to go until the pup goes, using a command if you choose.  One of my PONS was trained to "hurry up" before I got him so that is what I use.   Once he goes praise him, give a treat if you choose, turn him loose (observed of course) and let him run,play and/or explore.  Over the years it has been repeatedly shown that if you don't control going out, you may find your pup goes outside, has a wonderful  time, and comes in and goes on your favorite rug. Good PON breeders will have started this process for you so ask them what suggestions they have for you.


PON puppies are very similar to babies.  When they get too tired ,just like children ,it is found they often get themselves into trouble and make mistakes they would not as a rule do,including chewing on your prize possessions instead of toys. It is highly recommended  that a nap follow any  play time when you initially get your puppy.  One success schedule that has been found to be useful over time is out to pee, eat, out to poop , 45 minutes to one hour play, nap, etc.   That is why it is important to be able to spend time with a new pup just as you would a new human baby. Following this regular routine will also help with potty training.  Obviously as the pup gets older the times can be lengthened. 


It is that time of year.  Know what to do in case your beloved PONS seeks out a new black and white  play "friend."  The following recipe is sent to us by Judith  B. Jones whose beloved  PON Mick seems to be drawn to the "wonderful  scent" ...think he's up to four or five encounters already this year!  Apply as soon as possible for best results!!!


1 gallon water

2 cups of both white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

Enough Dawn dishwashing liquid to make a foam.


Our thanks to Mick and Judith J, for this great recipe!

Safe Weed Spray


PONS, like other dogs, absorb through their feet.  It is imperative you keep them away from chemically treated yards , parks, fields, etc.   In their play areas avoid toxic chemicals of any kind.  This is a safe spray you can use that will kill most weeds, but be careful when using it because it will kill healthy, wanted plants as well.


1 gallon cheap vinegar

1 pound salt

1 tablespoon liquid dish detergent


Open vinegar and remove two cups.  Add one pound of salt and dish detergent.  Place on cap and mix.   When the bubbles die down add back the vinegar you removed as much on you can.  Spray on the areas where you want the weeds to die. 




Good Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breeders

There are many Pon Breeders out there and some are far more responsible and dedicated to the breed than others.  You want to find a PON  breeder who is honest about the breed, honest about their dogs,  honest about health issues, does what should be done for the benefit of the health of the breed, and shows a genuine interest  in their overall welfare.

 They should explain the pros and cons of owning the breed. Pon breeders should welcome you into their home and kennel to show you the way their dogs are loved and cared for. The dogs should be clean, healthy, happy, and well- adjusted. They should be willing to introduce you to your potential puppy's parents (at least the one if another lives someplace else.)  They should be extremely helpful in educating you , staying in touch with you, and helping you along the way as you introduce the new "family" member to your family.
There should be no pressure for you to buy then and there.  Deciding on a new permanent family member requires time to research, that you speak to several breeders,  and that you ask lots of questions.  In addition to the AKC parent club, for help in making a right choice of a PON breeder, there is  a sister website to this site  which contains information useful to helping you ask the right questions : 
 Click below for more  on buying a PON.