Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information

"From breeding to training...what you need to know"

Many years ago PONs were brought first into the U.S., but they just disappeared.  In the 1980's Betty and Cas Augustowski were among the first U.S. pioneers when they started to import the Polish Lowland Sheepdog into the United States.  In 1988 a parent club was formed when Betty and Cas, Dorene and Herb Z, Jane and Larry B, Loana S, and Tom W got together and decided it was time to do something to protect the breed.  These U.S. pioneers all showed, cheered one another on and encouraged others to join them as they  traveled and promoted the Polski Owczarek Nizinny in many AKC matches, SKC and ARBA until officially recognized by AKC in 2001, with much of the official work being done by attorney Mary VD.  At the time of their recognition, the U.S. pioneers had to begin to call the Polish Owczarek Nizinny the Polish Lowland Sheepdog as it is known today. Below are some pictures of some of the very earliest U.S. pioneers some of whom are still active today and in some cases are  a part of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association.
Most PONS were young and so were we!


1st U.S. SKC CH in CONFORMATION AND OBEDIENCE--SKC CH EUROPA CAZIMER Z ELZBIETA CD owned by Loana Shields and Tom Wason and bred by Jane Brown
Above   is a formal picture of SKC Ch Europa Casimer z Elzbieta CD.  Cas was to become the first champion in conformation in the U.S. and also the first champion in obedience.  He  was bred and brought up as a very well socialized puppy bred by Jane Brown who was one of the authors of  The Polish Lowland Sheepdog book, the first official book of the PON in the U.S. He went to a home where he went untrained, flea bitten and became aggressive because of fear in his life.  Having been told he'd have to be put down, his owner, I know well because Tom W and   Loana S . (me) owned him.  At that time there were about 150 PONS in the U.S.  I said no way and off we went to obedience school week after week and working on it day after day.  Long story short, he became extremely loving, and our first U.S. champion in conformation and obediece.  Why do I like to tell the story...because through him I had the opportunity to learn so much about training and the breed.  He was an amazing dog and is dearly still missed to this day.  Not only was he the first champion, but a true teacher. 
The group pictures above and below were taken many years ago when the PON was first being introduced to the country.  These were some of the early pioneers.  Anyone you recognize?
You may not know the people in the pictures on this page but these were many of the PON pioneers in the United States.  Without their time and effort in the late 80's and early 90's the breed might still not be known in this country.

The  Polish Lowland Sheepdog is truly an amazing breed. Not only is it fun but is extremely intelligent and intuitive.   I use to say to people the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is truly different. They would ask how?  All I could ever say was you just have to own one to understand.  I have yet to find any other breed like them.