Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information

"From breeding to training...what you need to know"

The Right Breeder

When you are looking for a Pon puppy, or a Polish Lowland Sheepdog adult for that matter, the most important person you will come into contact with will be the breeder. The Pon breeder is the person who gives the PONs puppy its start in life. The Pon puppies  will be clean, well fed, handled, socialized and exposed to many things in the world before you even take a puppy home.  Good PON breeders will have taken the puppies to the vet, had them checked over, will have given it the first shots,  and will have  prepared  the PONs  puppy to make a new life with you. 




Good PON breeders will tell you about the breed , about the personality and characteristics of the the breed,  and be available at all times to help you with your journey into this breed.  Good PON breeders will also tell you about the pitfalls and some of the challenges the Polish Lowland Sheepdog presents.  The good PON breeder will ask you many questions and be able to answer lots of questions for you. 




In order to help you with this process, there is a sister PONS website to this website called PON PUPPY BUYERS GUIDE  which will help guide you.  Not every PON breeder is the one for you.  Interest in the Polish Lowland Sheepdog extends from owning a pet to having a winning dog in the show ring .   Some PON breeders are more interested in agility, flyball, obedience, therapydogs, etc.,  and some breeders would rather see you do these activities than be in the show ring.  Most  just want you to give a good home to their "kid" and love and take care of it for the rest of its life, and anything else is secondary.  This is the breeder you should look for, the one who really cares about the placement of their puppies and is not just looking for a sale or someone to show. While they may like the idea of activities , the home you will provide is most important to them and will be their primary concern.